After converting to Islam James Lovegrove became the Secretary of the British Muslim Society and wrote the book What is Islam?.  He was also an active member of the Woking Mosque.

James Lovegrove is second from the right, second row.

Watch James Lovegrove attending events at the Woking Mosque in the two film clips below.

Note: For smoother viewing allow time for the videos to buffer fully.

The Begum of Bhopal 1925

James Lovegrove can bee seen in the foreground of the opening shot.  He is the tall gentleman with grey hair and a white beard, holding a top hat.  A little later on Lord Headley also appears. The Begum of Bhopal was Sultan Jehan, the daughter and successor of Shah Jehan, Begum of Bhopal who had funded the construction of the Woking Mosque.

The Problem of Turkey 1920

In this clip you can see him exiting the Mosque about twenty-five seconds into the sequence.

Mohamed Ali at Woking Mosque, 1920

This clip shows James Lovegrove in the same sequence as above, as the people exit the mosque in the opening frames.

Muslim Friends

The picture below is a copy of a gift from one of JWL’s Muslim friends, enscribed with the following text:

Silence which speaks in green hills and in flowers bright
Here conveys a message “forget me not”
They change their sky but not their feelings
Who cross the sea

To dearest brother Habibullah, with fraternal love from Abdullah. 7th December 1920

To dearest brother Habibullah