J W Lovegrove Advert -M

Here are some scans for advertisements and articles about Edwardian motor clothing designed and manufactured by J. W. Lovegrove of 175, Picadilly, London, for the comfort of the lady and gentleman motorists of the Edwardian era.

Given the open nature of the motor vehicles of this era the emphasis is on keeping out the cold and the rain so there’s a great deal of leather and fur involved.

The collections included rainproof overcoats, fur coats, Russian blouses, caps, baskets, boots, waistcoats, car covers, aprons, Mackintoshes, and storm coats.

These were expensive items to make and this is reflected in the prices.  If you examine the advert you will see that the large, fur coats cost £10 or more in 1902.

For example, the Ladies’ Chevrette coat cost £10 and 10d.  It today’s money that would be about £1,150, and the Seal Lined Fur (£15 15d) is the equivalent of £1,730.

Motoring Illustrated March 1902

Motoring Illustrated March 1902
Dressed by Lovegrove

Motoring Illustrated December 1902

Advertisement in Motoring Illustrated March 1902

Motoring Illustrated December 13th 1902

Motoring Illustrated December 1902

Have you seen my Waterproof Brown Leather, also my Styrian Loden?  No one else has it.

Here’s a picture of the J.W.Lovegrove & Co. stand at the Stanley Show, 1902

J.W.Lovegrove & Co.